Its time, time for epic shooting flash game, with all the different weapons, all the different maps, power-ups and unbelievable battles – Gun Mayhem 4.

Game has so many options that you can get lost at the first glance, but focus mainly on top three options: campaign (main mode of the game, with storyline and tons of quests and objectives), custom game (why follow somebody’s storyline when you can create your own right? This mode allows you to build your own world and your own rules) and challenges (as a name suggests in this mode you can find different challenges which can include things like: defeat your enemy in specific time, defeat your enemy with specific weapons, etc.). Other options like weapon library allows you to check full set of available weapons in the game, like different types of shotguns, rifles, etc. You can also check option of the game to change different stuff like controls of the game, volume of the game and things like that.

While playing you may notice that there are some boxes dropping in random locations, pick those boxes as soon as they fall, they are actually power-ups which can give you better weapons and it will your fire power. You can use these boxes/power-ups to get advantage over your opponent.

Gun Mayhem 4 is truly Fast-Paced flash game, deathmatch mode makes it even crazier and it requires from players maximum attention and focus, otherwise, you will die very quickly, it also important to note that people who enjoy games like this also find Getaway shootout super entertaining, maybe you should give it a try what you think?. Usually, hardcore gamers enjoy this kind of game, they have good reaction speed and they just love to show off their skills.